A great parchment lies before you
Upon which words fall with each step;
Each action; each thought; each rhyme;
Caligraphy and crudity,
Spelt upon the breath of time.

Be aware and beware.
The sages of old proclaimed:
“Each ending is a new beginning”,
Just as each beginning is the sign of an end.
New chapters are both gifted and created –
You are poet and divine lyricist;
Sing your life as both muse and bard.
Speak your truths as the words of God,
For just as you are a reflection of the whole,
The whole is a reflection of yourself.
Self-authorship is self mastery;
Poetry is the mirror of life.


– Written at Rupanco Farm, Chile, ~40 miles from Entre Lagos


[[ This is not the aesthetic re-writing of Blog Post #2, which I promised last post. That will come next post, promise! ]]

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